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Masters Prepared Interview Essay Example for Free

Masters Prepared Interview Essay The Master of Science in Nursing with an emphasis in nursing education can be understood in further detail by an interview process outlining a person’s career overview, graduate educational experience and their present vocational position. The individual chosen (D.C.) is a mentor, who is handing down the baton to me, as the clinical instructor for a group of nursing students at Biola University. D.C. has numerous years experience as a bedside nurse as well as an educator. Overview of Career D.C. always knew she wanted to be a nurse and began nursing school at the young age of 17. In 1977, she received her Advanced Degree in Nursing (ADN) from Umpqua Community College in Roseburg. She went on to receive her Bachelor’s Degree in Management from Georgefox University, in Newburg, Oregon. The positions she held included: working as a bedside nurse for three years, a nurse in critical care for seven years and a supervisor/manager for 20 years. This 30-year experience took place at a community hospital called Providence Health and Services, in Oregon. Graduate Education D.C. went on to receiver her Master’s in Leadership and Nursing Education from Warner Pacific University in Portland, Oregon, from 2006-2008. While attending graduate school she continued to work at Providence Health and Services. Her current position made it necessary to go back to school because the institution was requiring all supervisors to have a Master’s degree. D.C. enjoyed her on-line educational experience from Warner Pacific. After her degree, she became the manager/director for  multi-services including: wound care, care management, social  services, medical-surgical and telemetry units. This took place over a four-year period and then D.C. became the Director of Education at Providence for an additional three years. This is where she taught for the University of Great Falls, Montana for their RN to BSN satellite program. D.C. taught live, virtual classrooms with students from many states. She retired from Providence in 2011 and moved to California with her beloved husband, who became the Dean of Rosemead, at Biola University, in La Mirada, California. Present Position Soon after her move to California, D.C. was asked by the nursing department of Biola University, if she would consider teaching for them. She said no at first but then was enticed to begin as a part time clinical instructor for the Bachelor’s in Nursing Program. She began as a community health instructor and then applied for the full-time position as an Associate Professor. She taught Management and Leadership in the fall and Nursing Community in the spring. D.C. is a Level Coordinator for all level 3 activities in the nursing department and part of the administration team as well. Competencies learned in the graduate program included team building, coaching, developing unity and administration skills. Some of her various certifications over the years include: Medical/Surgical Certified, ACLS, PALS and NRP. She also is a master trainer for crucial conversations and a senior facilitator for select interview training. While at Biola University, D.C. also took 80 hours of epidemi ology online through the Center’s for Disease Control. She is also part of the FEMA disaster response program and held an earthquake preparedness day at the university this year. Her graduate degree gave her all the necessary tools to confidently teach at a university level. Pearls of Wisdom For any student in a graduate program it is essential to have a mentor who can give you advice. Words of wisdom from D.C. included â€Å"Everything is a conversation. Even if the conversation is  painful, be open and honest.† The next golden nugget from D.C. was, â€Å"Just do what’s next and pretty soon you’re done.† This helped me to realize to take one step or one assignment at a time and not look with fear to the future. D.C learned organizational skills and was able to write specific objectives for nursing education. Her thesis was on how to be a new graduate with confidence and competence. She learned a new appreciation for people cultural diversity. One thing she learned the most about herself was that she was biased. She encouraged me to question my biases and assumptions in everything we do. These were some incredible tools I will take with me as I continue through the graduate program. Conclusion The effects of graduate education can enhance your skills, increase your knowledge, give you more awareness culturally, enable you to have better organization and make decisions, as well as become a better communicator. D.C. felt she was able to practice her new skills at the hospital she was already working for in a safe environment with people she trusted. What was affected the most in D.C.’s experience during grad school was her attitude. She gained a broader perspective and realized there was so much to gain from others. She felt her graduate degree gave her critical thinking skills that she can use forever. D.C. was an excellent example of someone who has used their graduate degree to the fullest extent as teacher, mentor, advisor and facilitator. The Master of Science in Nursing can be understood in further detail by an interview process outlining a person’s career overview, graduate experience and their present career. I have gained a clearer understanding of the benefits of a graduate degree and am excited to be on this journey with fellow nurse enthusiasts.

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Cost Management in the Fast Food Industry

Cost Management in the Fast Food Industry The Fast food organization which the researcher intends to carry out research is owned by a leading fast food brand ÂÂ  it is the worlds largestÂÂ  fast foodÂÂ  restaurant company in terms of system units-over 36,000 restaurants around the world in more than 110 countries and territories. In 2008, its globalÂÂ  salesÂÂ  totaled more thanÂÂ  US$11 billion was created on October 7, 1997, asÂÂ  Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc. This organization is a world wide operator and franchisor of a broad portfolio of fast food restaurants. The head quarters of this organization are in United States. It has a wide range of brands:- The researcher is going to research on the Pizza Hut, as it is the prime brand . 1.1 Cost Control Generating revenue is the main aim of an organization. The maximum use of resources with least expenses is cost control. Cutting costs is the simplest way to improve your bottom line. Introducing a cost control system can bring immediate savings and ensure that you remain competitive in the longer term. But cost control needs to be carefully managed. While eliminating wasteful activities is clearly beneficial, indiscriminate cost cutting can lead to falling quality and poor morale. According to (Clement Ojugo ,2003) cost control means steps taken by management to assure that the cost objectives set down in the planning stage are attained and to assure that all segments of the organization function in a manner consistent with its policies. For effective cost control, most organizations useÂÂ  standard cost systemÂÂ  , in which the actual costs are compared against standard costs for performance evaluation and the deviations are investigated for remedial actions. Cost control is also concerned with feedback that might change any or all of the future plans, the production method, or both. (Michael M, 2001) defines; cost accountingÂÂ  establishes budget and actual cost of operations, processes, departments or product and the analysis of variances, profitability or social use of funds. Managers use cost accounting to support decision-making to cut a companysÂÂ  costsÂÂ  and improve profitability. Importance of cost control in Fast -Food Industry. The operations cost in a fast-food organization depends upon how accurately the costing strategies are applied. If the cost control strategies are applied with-out considering the operational side of the organization it will have negative results on revenue. According to (Ismail A, 2001) successful cost control strategies require inventory data updated. Author suggest best practice, cost control depends upon Frequency and timeliness of inventory which means daily business reports, weekly trading reports and monthly reporting. According to (Talyn. L, 2001) because food cost is usually one of the highest cost percentages in any establishment, it is important to know how to calculate it.ÂÂ  Whether it is a steak and seafood restaurant, a family restaurant, a pub or a martini bar, it is very important to know what the total food cost is. Author says that if the food cost is not learnt or pre calculated then the end result would be a lack or lose control over the food cost giving higher losses in return. According to (Jagels.M, 2007) the implementation of cost control has number of advantages. Quantify future plans: the cost control process compels operational managers to look ahead and follow the strategies applied by the cost controller. This identifies the shortfalls in sales and resources and provides the opportunity for measures to be implemented to overcome the difficulties. Set revenue objectives and targets: the cost control process provides the opportunity to set targets to reduce operational expenditure. The restaurants cost control is dependent on the operational staff. Communicate objectives: the cost control system provides a formal opportunity for higher level managers at divisional regional levels to set targets based on the long term objectives of the organization. Control business performance: the process provides a standard based on expected revenues and costs to which actual performance can be compared. Variance between fixed cost and variable cost identifies the o pportunity to maximize profits. (Wood.R, 2008) looks at cost control with a very practical approach. (Woods R, 2008) says that costing process in its entirely time consuming and therefore costly in terms of management time and resources. (Woods. R, 2008) argues that the cost and time involved are not justifiable because the end result is based on many unknown factors and the actual performance will almost certainly be different. This criticism needs to be considered in the advantages of the cost control system, because it forces managers to consider all relevant factors likely to affect their business and plan for the effective use of resources, and this requires both an internal and an external analysis. THE RATIONALE According to ( Cohen.L, 2000) rational is sensible reason to conduct a research study. The researcher finds fast food field interesting because of the researcher is presently in the same field. This research will help the researcher learn the fast food organization cost control strategies. The organization is fast food sector have different kind of budgets like Material, capital, operation strategies. To solve the problem of high cost and generate maximum profit. The researcher is working in the fast food industry which researcher wishes to research. The main concern in this industry is to serve people and have 100% customer satisfaction. In order to present the best of amenities, facilities and infrastructure to the guest the organization has to make some expenses which have to be planned and aligned with the help of cost control strategies from the revenues generated. 3. RESEARCH QUESTION This research is designed to answer the question Is the Fast- Food industry able to control cost and maximize profit? According to (Jagels.M, 2007) it is difficult task because of pilferage, lack of training to the new staff, adherence to standard recipe, perishables, etc should be considered while applying cost control strategies. According to(Ralston.C, 2004) fast food operations are people oriented and people driven, it is more difficult to effectively automate and control food costs than in any other non business organization. The costs in fast food operations are fixed cost but the sales revenue are totally unpredictable. With the above mentioned statements it can be considered that cost control is a difficult task in fast food industry. There for importance of cost control can be clear seen . Considering the details wastage details affecting the sales revenue will make perfect cost control for an organization. 4. RESEARCH HYPOTHESIS According to (Maxwell.J, 2005) a research hypothesis is the statement created by a researcher when they speculate upon the outcome of a research or experiment. The researcher here tries to assume that, those fast food organizations having a low food cost and higher profit are having the superior cost control strategies. In addition, those fast food organizations having a perfect cost control will be more profitable when compared to that fast food organization who often fumbles in cost control system. 5. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES According to ( Hussey.J, 1997) the underlying and overriding aims and purposes of a research or analysis exercise that is, what researcher specifically want to find out. The main aim of this research is to understand the cost control strategies in the fast food organization using costing as a tool The research objectives can be summarized as follows: To gain knowledge on how to do cost control To identify the cost control strategy in fast food organization. To analyze the importance of cost control in fast food organization, which contributes in keeping expenses in control and increase revenues. To develop a list of best practices of successful strategies, which controls the cost and helps in maximizing revenue? 6. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY According to (Zikmund.W, 2006) Methodology includes a philosophically coherent collection of theories, concepts or ideas as they relate to a particular discipline or field of inquiry. According to (Klein and Myers, 1999) Methodology refers to more than a simple set of methods; rather it refers to the rationale and the philosophical assumptions that underlie to particular study. 7. METHODOLOGICAL APPROACH According to (Creswell. J , ) a quantitative approach is one in which the investigator primarily uses post positivist claims for developing knowledge i.e. cause effect thinking, reduction to specific variables and hypothesis and questions, use of measurement and observation, and the test of theories. Employs strategies of inquiry such as experiments and surveys, and collects data on predetermine instruments that yield statistical data. The research approach will be deductive to bring out the best result of research findings. The researcher emphasizes on the cost control strategies of fast food organization so the nature of the methodology will be post positivist knowledge claims, experimental strategy of inquiry. According to ( Teddlie C 1998) quantitative research includes substantial amount of literature at the beginning of a study to provide direction for the research question or hypothesis. In planning quantitative study the literature is often used at the beginning of a study to introduce a problem or to describe in detail the existing literature in a section titled review of literature. In addition literature is also included a the end of a study which the researcher compares the results of the study with the existing findings in the literature. The research will be carried out keeping the research question in focus. There will be interviews and questionnaires. (Bryman et al 2008) suggest that a researcher should give respondents the closed ended questions where there is limited choice of possible answers. The researcher plans to give limited choice of answers but also at the same time open questions will be included in order to collect accurate and as much as possible information required in conducting the research. 8. RESEARCH METHODS AÂÂ  deductive argument is anÂÂ  argument in which it is thought that the premises provide aÂÂ  guarantee of the truth of the conclusion. In a deductive argument, the premises are intended to provide support for the conclusion that is so strong that, if the premises are true, it would beÂÂ  impossible for the conclusion to be false. (Winch. W, 1913) The researcher decides to adapt the deductive method of research, as the nature research is quantitative. According to (Thomas R, 2003) quantitative research uses numbers and statistical methods. It tends to be based on nuerical measurements of specific aspects of phenomena, rather than theory and words. According to (Glesne and Peshkin, 1992) careful sampling strategies and experimental designs are aspects of quantitative methods aimed at produce generalizable results. The researcher intends to find out the cost control strategy by interviews and questionnaires etc. The interview will be conducted with top level managers who are involved in cost control. The survey participants will be all working in research related areas. The semi structured interviews may start with an organizational questionnaire to gain company information such as numbers of restaurants, average revenue/cost per cover etc. The aim of the interview will be to find out the way cost control strategies are implemented. The principles they adapt to maximize their profits. 9. DATA COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS The researcher intends to perform the research in the organization where he is employed and therefore has been granted access to carry out the interviews and survey. In addition, it is believed that the researcher may require at least two more organizations to make a comparison of the cost control strategies and how are they implemented. The researcher is confident that he will be able to gain the required number of participating organizations in the research. Interviews: The researcher intends to conduct the research in the organization where he is employed. Hence to reach to the top level managers would not be a barrier. The interviews will be planned and organized well in advance, without disturbing the outlet operations. To make the most out of the interview of the managers, researcher plans to use some tools like spidogram, voice recording and collect relevant samples of past cost control if available. This will make the research more effective. According to (Zikmund.W, 2006) in an interview where is a face to face personal interaction between the interviewer and interviewee (respondent) has several benefits that help researcher obtain complete and precise information. The researcher highlights in gathering information through the interviews as face expression can be taken into consideration. (Zikmund.W, 2006) statement is very important as it is considered that 70% of the communication is a non verbal communication. Questionnaires: The researcher intends to prepare a questionnaire for the top level managers in operating department of an hospitality organization. Questionnaires will be based to find out different strategies, methods and plans made by top level managers. This will help the researcher in gaining knowledge about how the practical budgets are made compared to the theoretical. Survey: According to ( Vaus De D.A, 2002) a survey is not just a particular technique of collecting information; questionnaires are widely used but other techniques, such as structured and in-depth interviews, observation, content analysis and so forth, can also be used in survey research. The distinguishing features of surveys are the form of the data and the method of analysis. According to (Zikmund.W, 2006) the main purpose of surveys in research is to collect primary data, which is assembled specifically for the research. Survey is something asking people who are respondents for information using either verbal or written questions. It is better to conduct a survey in written form so that information can be kept as a record. 10. VALIDITY AND RELIABILITY Validity: The researcher intends to use of multiple sources of evidence, structured interviews and questionnaires (both open and closed question). The design of questions and survey will be based on understanding the cost control strategies, the interview and questionnaire will be used to make sure questions are understood as intended. (Saunders,et al 2008). If allowed by the respondent the researcher also wishes to record the interviews for future. To generalize over two organizations the cost control strategies multiple theoretical methods will be considered. According to (Saunders, et al 2008) the structure of interview and questionnaires must be consistent and understandable to each individual. Reliability: According to (Bryman, et al 2008) a research can be reliable when there is stability. The research can be stable when results are stable. The result of group of people or individual must not fluctuate. There is stability in research when the same process is used with everyone. The way of questions and interview must be same. Surveys to back up the interviews, and obtain views from different organization managers, for better understanding and in depth knowledge of the subject. According to (Saunders et al 2008) the participants involved in should understand the research in a same way; they must me asked the same questions in same way. 11. RESEARCH ETHICS The top level managers in hospitality organizations where researcher intends to research will be given a clear written description of the purpose, scope, and intended outcomes of the research. The name of the participating three hospitality organizations and the participating top level managers in the research will be kept confidential. The information gathered during research about the organization will not be presented in dissertation for the confidentiality of the organization. The research is being carried out as a academic requirement and no other intentions. The interview questions and questionnaires will be designed to examine only the strategies of forecasting and budgeting, nothing apart from that. The research interviews, surveys, or questionnaire will not be aimed at finding any other information which is not related to this research. According to ( Klein and Myers, 1999) suggest to use a hidden agenda which ensure confidentiality of the participant organizations and the individual participants in the surveys. 12. TIME SCALE Gantt chart is a type of bar chart that illustrates a project schedule. Gantt charts illustrate the start and finish dates of the terminal elements and summary elements of a project. Terminal elements and summary elements comprise the work breakdown structure of the project. ( Wallace.C, 1952) The plan for the research project timescale is shown in the GANNT CHART. A brief summary of time taken from presenting research proposal to dissertation is shown below. 13. BUDGET The researcher has spent about GBP40 to GBP50 approximately on preparing this research proposal.

Strategic Management Approaches of McDonalds

Strategic Management Approaches of McDonalds My research topic deals with one of the most profitable societies of the world, The McDonalds. It underlines the strategic management approaches adapted by McDonalds that helped it to grow from a small business to one of the most successful corporations. McDonalds is the leading fast food service organization in the world. The story of McDonalds started way back in 1954 when, Raymond Kroc its founder envisioned a nationwide fast food chain upon seeing a hamburger stall in San Bernardino, California. By revolutionizing the American Restaurant Industry, Kroc proved himself as the pioneer. Today McDonald is one of the most valuable brands globally, worth more than $25billion. It is number one fast food chain stores with about 40 million customers visiting it per day. The Golden Arches and its mascot Ronald McDonald have gained universal recognition. Though the company has its roots in the U.S., McDonalds today has become an accepted citizen of the world. The main focus is on the strategic evolution of this corporation. The strengths and weaknesses are highlighted which throws light on how McDonalds has survived in the competition. Keywords: strategic management approaches, Raymond Kroc, strategic management approaches How McDonalds has maintained its position? McDonalds has been able to maintain its competitive advantage by constantly adding new items in its menu. This means that an analyzer type of strategy is followed by McDonalds, i.e. introducing new items and defending the existing ones. In Strategic Management, developing a mission and vision statement is the primary step. It reflects the managements aspirations for the organization and its business providing a panoramic view to customers and giving specifics about future business plans. How McDonalds has defined its MISSION AND VISION: McDonaldS MISSION AND VISION: To serve quality food, fast and also at low cost. The vision of McDonalds is to dominate the food-service industry at global level. Global dominance means to set up standards of performance for customer satisfaction and increase market share and profitability by implementing values and execution strategies (Flack, 2008). What is the companys strengths? Strength can be described as a distinctive competence that gives the firm a competitive advantage in market. For example image, market leadership, buyer supplier relations, financial resources, etc. McDonalds strength lies in creating an image in the peoples minds and introducing them to a new culture of fast food. Customer care, delivery, speed and cleanliness are its core strengths that lead to its expansion. They were successful in creating a corporate symbol and its advertisement campaigns established its brand image in the minds of millions of people. McDonalds identified two main competitors i.e. the Burger King and KFC. The marketing strategy of McDonalds is concerned with internal resources, external environment, and its competencies. McDonalds product value is its strength. Customers know what to expect when they enter into McDonalds. It gives emphasis to human resources by satisfying its employees and customers both. Next comes the innovation aspect. In order to serve the new tastes and trends of people, new products are launched. Its diversity into new businesses can also be considered as its strengths. The question arises is how much effective are the above strengths in the long run of the company? McDonalds today is not as amendable as it was during its inception. So what are the driving factors which have resulted in its decline in sales and services? In order to analyze this factor we have to identify the weaknesses in the companys business and marketing strategy. The factors that are considered as strengths become a weakness if it blocks the performance of the company. Customer choices and trends change. Generally, people get tired of their old brands which they had been using over the years. When they do not get a product with the expected innovation they switch to new brands. With so many outlets, people find McDonalds everywhere. This over exposure can also be a reason for abstinence. Then maintaining standards of a huge chain is difficult and if there is lack of quality or service in any one outlet, then the brand as a whole gets affected. Reaching the target audience is the secret of any marketing strategy. So the target audience should be chosen carefully. It is very crucial for an organizations success, that its customers attain satisfaction level. Earlier McDonalds targeted mostly the young person, which has changed now. Now McDonalds has turned into a more general kind of market i.e. it now concentrates on families also. They started targeting diverse market which comprises of elderly people to children, by launching products such as the Happy Meal for children and Egg McMuffin for the elder ones. With the changing lifestyle, the demand for healthier food has increased and also ever changing demographic group demands fast, low in calories quality food. McDonalds responds to this kind of opportunity by introducing new and innovative products. Earlier, they had introduced a new product which was a regular hamburger and tasted like the real one but was made of Soya beans, a plant material. This product was also used to target another demographic group, i.e. vegetarians. McDonalds generally uses psychographic segmentation by which it targets the middle and working classes. These type people are more susceptible to enter fast food restaurants because they lead a fast and busy life and therefore require some fast meal. In short McDonalds customers belong to all age groups and classes, but comprises mainly of working and middle class people. (Kroc, 2001). The above factors point out key strengths and weaknesses at the external level. There are some internal factors also which affects the performance of the company. One major factor is the relationship between the franchise dealers and the management. Organizational strength is the back bone of any business and once it begins to shake the whole system can collapse. But slowly McDonald is recovering from all these weaknesses. Through latest technological developments it has become easy for its brand managers to communicate, compare and improve the services. They can also use internet in order to improve, motivate and compare performances of other centers. The analysis of all the external as well as internal strengths and weaknesses of the company should be done so that a sustainable plan for the further improvements in the company can be drafted. For any kind of improvement or expansion the availability of internal resources is a must. By analyzing this aspect, a modified strategy can be formed to suit the companys vision. Hence with the use of all the core competencies, the corporation can successfully grow and sustain in the competitive market (Richard Whittington, 1993) In 2003 the change in the top managerial level created a new wave in the performance of the corporation and also some major changes were incorporated to retain and sustain the quality and innovation aspect of the brand. Now let us understand the sustainable competitive advantage of McDonalds. What is meant by sustainable competitive advantage? How is it significant to McDonalds? SCA is the advantage a firm has which is very difficult or mostly impossible for competitors to possess or break through. It can be either brand, cost structure, dynamic customer care, or any kind of patents. The advantage should be either proprietary or distinctive in order to be considered as sustainable. Other than this, three different aspects have been identified that helps in SCA. First, there should be a good integration and coordination between the organizational and managerial processes. Therefore the much needed value is created when every employee in the organization strives to work for one common goal. The organization should learn to be flexible and change as per the needs in the environment such as customer trends, government restriction or innovations in technology. Nowadays McDonalds is focusing on organizational behavior as well as managerial expertise. Earlier it was ignored because the organization was more involved in establishing its outlets everywhere than strengthening its core competency. As a result the revenue did not increase much inspite of newer outlets being opened. The firm suffered a huge loss for the first time since their inceptions which ultimately lead to changes in the managerial strategies. Second, structural, financial assets and technology aspects of any firm are excellent market position which helps in building SCA. No doubt McDonalds is abundant in aspects such as structure, technology and finance. All that is needed is to identify and incorporate these assets in the right direction towards the improvement of the company. From 2003 onwards the company has really started to concentrate on its competencies. Third, the greatest advantage is the vision of the company with which it started. Sustaining this dream over the passing years is any companies greatest advantage. A company usually revolves around its vision statement, so sustaining this vision and working in accordance with it, is a great SCA. McDonalds was started to help people who were too busy and had little time to cook. The vision was to provide value, customer care, quality and cleanliness. Keeping its vision in mind, the corporation which slackened a bit earlier because of its incompetent franchise holders is being weeded and new and better people are put in this place. Thus, SCA means implementing the best value based strategies using all the unique advantages of the company which cannot be replicated by the competitors. In todays scenario, everything is outsourced from employee appointment to customer care. No organization is efficient enough to handle all kinds of work. It is not possible for big corporations like McDonalds to concentrate on every small detail. But core competences of the company should not be outsourced. Mostly companies concentrate on their core competencies whereas outsource its remaining operation. McDonald has recently tested its drive by order facility. Outsourcing is therefore helpful in the increasing external suppliers and overcomes the difficulties faced due to lack of latest technologies and other innovations. So what makes McDonalds still strong and maintain its rank as one of the leading business. The answer is its core competences and the internal as well as external sustainable competitive advantages. Of course, to keep up with the changing business environment, the company has also begun to outsource, but then it should not be carried away by the outsourcing mania. This company has recently started to go back to its golden era because of large scale revamping of its structural and organizational changes being incorporated (C K Prahalad and G Hamel 1990). Strategic Allies: A strategic allys means an organization is working together in a joint venture or a similar arrangement with one or more organizations. McDonalds is in strategic alliance with: Wal-Mart, Chevron, Amoco, Disney and Coca-Cola. Wal-Mart, the largest retail chain in U.S. and several neighboring countries, is symbiotically allied with McDonalds. In each Wal-Mart stores, there are McDonalds restaurants. Thereby it offers its customers excellent low cost fast food in a convenient way. Chevron and Amoco are two petrol pumps with which McDonalds is in alliance with. This alliance represents ultimate convenience. Nothing can be more convenient than filling the car with as well as getting a meal, that too all in one stop. Another important alliance of the company is with Disney. Sole right has been granted to McDonalds to sell fast food in Disneys theme parks around US and at other Disney spots in the world. As per the terms of the agreement, McDonalds will operate as restaurants and Disney wil l promote its films through McDonalds. CONCLUSION: As such there is no particular competitive strategy that guarantees to achieve success each time. Risk attitudes change due to industrial volatility, environmental uncertainty and several internal conditions might also be involved. Since the marketing function is consumer oriented, customer needs should be identified and then strategies should be designed to meet those needs. The distribution system brings the product or service to the place where in can best fill customer needs. Since every product requires support from distribution channels, so the right choice of distributors and wholesalers is very important. Promotion of products is more important than advertising. The location, size and nature of markets defined by business strategy will indicate the content of promotional material as well as it will guide the promotion mix decisions. Pricing is another complex issue which is used as a competitive weapon because it is related to cost, volume, tradeoffs etc. Changes in pricing p olicy are likely to provoke competitors response. Marketing has received increasingly greater attention in the competitive business since the early modern era. The old marketing concept focused on selling of the existing products of the firm and promoting it to maximize sales to attain profits, but now the new concept focuses on the potential customers of the firm and seeks to earn profit by customer satisfaction with an integrated marketing program.

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Do Cleaning Chemicals Clean As Well After They Have Been Frozen :: essays research papers

Do Cleaning Chemicals Clean As Well After They Have Been Frozen Problem:   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The researcher is trying to determine whether or not cleaning materials will clean as well if they have been frozen solid and subsequently thawed out until they have returned to a liquid state of matter.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The researcher will use Dial Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner, Clorox Bleach, and Parson's Ammonia, applied to simple bacon grease, to determine which chemical is least affected by the glaciation. Hypothesis:   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The researcher feels that the process of glaciation will degrade the ability of these three household cleaning chemicals to breakdown the most common kitchen cleaning problem - grease.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  For example, the freezing, thawing, and then freezing again of ice cream puts the substance through the freezing process. The result is a separation of heavy and light substances which breaks down the food. The researcher feels that the same end result may happen with the cleaning materials. Experimentation Test Concept:   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In order to determine weather the glaciation process affected the cleaning chemicals, it is first important to establish its potency prior to freezing. Accordingly, two test sets were created by the researcher. The purpose of the test was to determine how well the chemicals could break down household grease before and after the substances were frozen. The first test set would focus on unfrozen chemicals, while the second was set up for previously frozen chemicals. The Test:   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  To start the experiment the researcher fried four pieces of bacon until there was enough grease in the skillet to perform the test. He then put a quarter teaspoon of the grease onto two nine by thirteen casserole dishes. Each casserole dish was set up for three frozen and three unfrozen chemical cleaners. A measured amount of cleaner (both frozen and unfrozen) was added to each spot of grease. After approximately two minutes of breaking down the grease, the dishes were raised to a uniform height at one end and the broken down grease was allowed to run. By measuring how far the grease ran, the researcher could then determine how much the cleaner broke down and therefore which cleaner was

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Forensic Science and its Growing Popularity Essay -- essays papers

Forensic Science and its Growing Popularity People all around the world are becoming interested in forensic science. Students across the nation are taking courses in this very popular science. Many colleges are adopting classes and majors just for it. Why has this science become so popular? Is it because of the lack of people in the field now, and the overwhelming job opportunities that come with a degree in forensic science? Is it because the field is so interesting, and catchy that everyone is flooding to be in the programs? Or is the recent growth of this field due to the numerous television and media coverage of the subject? One thing is for sure, people really are starting to get interested in this field, and it is getting bigger by the second. Forensic science, what is it exactly? Forensic Science is any aspect of any area of science that could be called into question in a court of law, as it relates to the law ( There are different areas of forensic science, and different jobs that people do. There is the crime scene investigator, as shown in the hit television show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. They search a crime scene, collect evidence, tag/bag evidence, and analyze it. Forensic photographers take pictures at crime scenes. Forensic psychiatry and profiling is where you diagnose and treat people with mental illnesses, and where you make a personality profile of the criminal from gathering information from the crime scene. And firearms and toolmark identification, another type of forensics, is matching bullets to guns, explosives, and other weapons. These are just a few of the many different positions and jobs out there that deal with fore... ...ary 28, 2005, from The Washington Post database. Forensic science web pages. (1997). Gross, Jane. (2002). In latest science classes, dead men do tell tales. The New York Times A.1. Retrieved February 28, 2005, from The New York Times database. Richardson, Tyrone. (2005). Forensics is a favorite course: high school classes in forensic science are increasing, thanks in part to the popularity of crime scene investigation television shows. The Sun 1.G. Retrieved April 26, 2005, from The Sun database. Rockoff, Jonathan, D. (2003). Forensic science is a hot new thing: Career: Intrigued by TV shows and real life trials, students are clamoring for and getting high school and college courses in crime scene investigation. The Sun 1. A. Retrieved February 27, 2005, from The Sun database.

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The book In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex by Nathaniel Philbrick, is an inspiring story about an Essex from Nantucket, getting attacked by a eighty-five ton sperm whale miles deep out in the ocean. In these times, going on any ocean expedition had its precautions. While much focus on food, drinking water, medication and a method to cure illness, the most overlooked impairment was the creatures of the ocean. While the men of this vessel left the docks as predators, the survivors of the ninety- three-day journey on three small harpoon boats came back as prey. This story gives a great depiction of the potential of the sperm whale as well as the devastation that they can bring. While whaling isn’t nearly as popular today, in this time many men made, or attempted to make, a living in this industry. Despite the hard work, dangerous standards and general intimidation, shipmates were lured into the industry for the high pay. When feeling protected by a large ship, weapons and a fearless captain, it was easy to forget the power of what they were hunting. The sperm whale is the largest of all the toothed whales, with males maturing at an average size of fifty- two feet and sometimes can reach up to sixty-seven feet in length. â€Å"It’s twenty-foot-wide tail pumped up and down.† (Philbrick, 2000, 82) The domain of life that the sperm whale belongs to is the Eukaryote. This is because the sperm whale is an organism that is made up of cells that contain a nucleus as well as other structures that are enclosed by the cell membrane. The kingdom that it belongs to is the Animalia. This is because they are multi-cellular organisms. These a nimals contain other distinct features including; â€Å"interior digestion of f... ...ats of the whale are still used in some of today’s industries. These parts of the whale have numerous applications in biotechnology. Some of which include, but are not limited to; candles, oil lamps, soaps, and lubricants. Even though their oils have significance in certain applications, the sperm whale is considered an endangered species. This is primarily because of being over hunted. They also have been known to get caught in fishing nets, subject to pollution, also can be severely affected by ocean debris. There are many creatures that live in the sea. The sperm whale being one of many creatures that has a huge impact on the ocean. They are very unique creators, who most people tend to forget about. The sperm whale created a huge conflict for the Essex, leaving the reading wondering what is going to end up happening. This book inspired the book Moby Dick.

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It is possible to modify the properties of many polymers by 3 generating crosslink such as these. You will experiment with crosslink the polymer in Elm's glue. A number of different processes are used to turn synthetic and natural polymers into useful objects. These include molding, extrusion, foaming and casting. In this experiment, you will use the technique of extrusion-blow molding in which a tube of polymer is blown up while in the molten state inside of a hollow mold. Almost all Throughout the experiment, you will test the various properties of the polymers that you synthesize and modify.Some polymers have exceptional properties and capabilities that can make them extremely useful to us. You will observe the property of one such polymer, sodium polymerase (the sodium salt of polysaccharide). CHI An NH O NH This polymer can absorb up to 800 times its own weight of water. The ionic portion of the macromolecule is directed toward the center of the structure. When water is added to dry sodium polymerase, the water molecules are drawn into the center of the polymer in an attempt to dilute the salt, and the polymer expands.It is very important that you record careful observations throughout the experiment. You will be asked to describe the appearances and properties of the various polymers in your lab report. 4 Procedure Record detailed observations throughout the experiment. Polymer synthesis Addition polymer?polystyrene Place 20 drops of styrene into a disposable 13 x 100 mm test tube (provided by your TA). Caution! Styrene is a flammable liquid! Keep styrene away from all Bunsen burner flames. It is also a suspected carcinogen. Wear gloves!Using a wooden or plastic utensil, add a few grains of defensibly peroxide and shake the tube to mix. Caution! Defensibly peroxide is explosive when heated. Use only a few grains! Label the test tube with your name, and place it in a sand bath that has been set up by your instructor. Allow the solution to heat for 90 minut es. You may proceed with the rest of the experiment as it heats. When the material in the test tube has turned slightly yellow, remove the test tube from the sand bath and cool it on ice. Try to shake the polymer out of the test tube.If it has not separated from the glass sufficiently to do this, you may wrap the test tube in a cloth towel and carefully break it so that the polymer can be removed. Wear gloves when doing this! Describe the appearance and properties of your polymer. Test the solubility of the polymer by grinding a few chunks in a mortar and pestle and placing the powder in two test tubes. Add water to one of the test tubes and acetone to the other test tube. Record your observations. Dispose of the acetone mixture in the appropriate Laboratory Byproducts Jar. Discard the polystyrene in the appropriate Laboratory Byproducts Jar.Condensation Polymer?Glottal Resin The following procedure must be carried out in a fume hood! Obtain a paper cup. Place 5 Goff ophthalmic anhy dride and 0. 25 g of sodium acetate in a disposable 18 x 150 mm test tube (provided by your TA). Add 2 ml of glycerol. Using our test tube clamp, carefully heat the mixture over a Bunsen burner flame (see TECH I. D). Heat the top of the contents first and work toward the bottom as the mixture melts. Move the test tube in and out of the flame as you do this. Note when the mixture begins to boil and then continue to heat for 3 to 4 minutes.The solution Pour the solution into the paper cup. Allow the solution to thoroughly cool, then tear off the cup to recover your polymer. Dispose of the test tube in glass waste. Describe the appearance and properties of your polymer. Test the solubility of the polymer as you did for polystyrene. 5 Modification of polymers Experiment on crosslink with Glue It is recommended that gloves not be worn when working with Elm's glue. It is easier to remove glue residue from your skin than from the gloves. Obtain a plastic cup and pour 15 ml of Elm's white g lue into it.Add 15 ml of water and stir well. Next, add 10 ml of saturated borax solution (sodium borate, Nabbing) and stir well. Remove the solid material and pull it off the stirrer. The material will be sticky for about one or two minutes. Pour any excess liquid left in the cup into the appropriate Laboratory Byproducts Jar. Rinse the cup with warm water. Perform another crosslink experiment using 1 5 L of glue and different amounts of water and borax (from 5 to 15 ml of borax and from O to 30 ml of water). Compare the properties of the two polymers (strength, bounce, stretchiness, etc. ).Observe the properties of at least two other students' polymers who used different amounts of water and borax in their second preparation. Record these observations. Polymer fabrication Polyethylene bottle Heat one end of a 10-15 CM piece of polyethylene tubing in a Bunsen burner flame. When the polymer is in the molten state, crimp the end with crucible tongs to seal it off?allow it to cool som ewhat before opening the tongs. Re-heat the tubing at the loosed end by passing it in and out of the flame until 1-2 inches of the tubing is in the molten state (looks transparent instead of opaque).Place the molten tubing into a small wide-mouth Jar or vial. Blow air into the open end of the tube so that it expands within the Jar. Let the expanded tubing cool in the Jar for about 2 minutes. Because the polymer is flexible, you should now be able to easily remove it from the â€Å"mold†. Show your polyethylene bottle to your TA. Polymer properties Supersaturates Weigh 1 Goff sodium polymerase and place it in a 150 ml beaker. Add 50 ml of water to the beaker from a graduated cylinder. Record your observations. Add another 50 ml of water to the beaker. Record your observations.